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About me

I (they/them) am a queer, neurodivergent, disabled fat white rope switch, performance artist and teacher. 


I practice, teach and perform my blend of Japanese-informed rope bondage, somatic, theatrical and bio-mechanic techniques.

I bring a trauma-informed, neuro-affirmative and queer-centred approach to everything that I do. I work towards anti-racism and anti-ableism.

I'm passionate about consent, teaching people how to identify, communicate and honour their own and others' boundaries.

I'm passionate about enabling and encouraging the grounding effects rope has on all 8 of the senses.

I'm passionate about making rope accessible for people of all body shapes, sizes, mobility needs and health conditions.

I'm passionate about the healing power of trauma-informed, properly negotiated touch.  

I believe that rope bondage is not therapy, and that movement and touch, alone or with trusted partners, can be therapeutic. 

I teach regularly at Brighton Rope in the UK, collaborate on artistic projects, perform at New Love Brighton and guest teach. I also offer private teaching and tying sessions. 

For enquiries about hiring me to teach, tie or collaborate on artistic projects, email:

"One could say that everyone has their own dialect of erotic rope bondage."

- Georg Barkas, "Archaeology of Personalities: A Linguistic Approach to Erotic Rope Bondage"


“You can deny, if you like, nearly all abstractions: justice, beauty, truth, goodness, mind, God. You can deny seriousness, but not play.”

- Johan Huizinga, "Homo Ludens"

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