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I (they/them) am a queer, neurodivergent, disabled fat white rope practitioner, performance artist and teacher. 


I practice, teach and perform my blend of Japanese-informed rope bondage, somatic, theatrical and bio-mechanic techniques. I bring a trauma-informed, neuro-affirmative and queer-centred approach to everything that I do. I work towards anti-racism and anti-ableism.

  • I'm passionate about consent, teaching people how to identify, communicate and honour their own and others' boundaries.

  • I'm passionate about enabling and encouraging the grounding effects rope has on all 8 of the senses.

  • I'm passionate about making rope accessible for people of all body shapes, sizes, mobility needs and health conditions.

  • I'm passionate about the healing power of trauma-informed, properly negotiated touch.  

I believe that rope bondage is not therapy, and that movement and touch, alone or with trusted partners, can be therapeutic. 

I teach regularly at Brighton Rope in the UK, collaborate on artistic projects, perform at New Love Brighton and guest teach. I also offer private teaching and tying sessions, and hold non-rope workshops on exploring intimacy, hosted at Silk Brighton, the city's only LGBTQ+ wellness space.

I have been practicing rope bondage since 2016, both as a tying and tied person (rigger/bunny). My background is in theatre and mental health. I'm working towards prioritising my needs and my health, and towards a neuro-affirming life. I'm centring community, advocacy, love and healing, and cultivating a slow and low demand life, and working to de-centre colonialism, capitalism, shame and neurotypical norms.

My primary rope practitioner inspirations are Addie Tahl, Georg Barkas and DJfet, and I've also learnt from JW, Laced Lines, Phoenix Flight, Pauline Massimo and Tamandua (amongst others). I've learnt more from the people I've tied with than from any other teachers. I support the #InRopesToo movement.

Outside of rope, I'm inspired by the work of Betty Martin, Judith Herman, Bessel van der Kolk, Purple Ella, ALOK,  Sarah Kane, Annie Sprinkle, Judith Butler, Moony Maroon, Dr Asher Larmie, Dr Wenn Lawson and Ana Bott

Quartz tying Mishkin from Bird Eats Baby [band name].

"For me, rope is where I discover my truth. Quartz creates a safe, fun and kinky container to explore and helps me go beyond what my mind knows. That’s where the really good stuff is" - testimonial, Gunnyboy


My philosophy of rope is heavily influenced by Barkas & Addie, whom I've learnt from several times. Barkas' book, "Archaeology of Personalities", discusses an 'interview' metaphor of rope bondage.


Following from the idea of a rope scene as an interview, I endeavour to focus as much of my attention as possible, during a scene, on the person I'm tying. In a society in which women are seen exclusively as sexual objects, men are seen according to what they can do, and non-binary people aren't seen at all, it is vital to me that the rope-scene space is radically different; a space in which the tied person is seen fully, non-judgementally, with unconditional positive regard: free from expectation or obligation. 

When this space can be created, then play is possible. Johann Huizinga theorised that self-aware play is what separates humans from animals. I am put in mind, when tying, of his words:

“Our point of departure must be the conception of an almost childlike play-sense expressing itself in various play-forms, some serious, some playful, but all rooted in ritual and productive of culture by allowing the innate human need of rhythm, harmony, change, alternation, contrast and climax, etc., to unfold in full richness.”
― Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element in Culture

Using theories on play, ritual and sacred space, combined with a trauma-informed, neuro-affirmative approach, I believe that rope can transcend ordinary life, entering a sacred 'play-space', or as I call it: a 'rope-space'.


Here, true communion and the constant flow of question and answer are joined to unconditional positive regard, the curiosity of play and the sacred ritual of worship. Here is where the magic lies, where, in one symbiotic moment in time, I can dance with my partner from instinct to instinct, following and leading, seeing and being seen, finding healing and harmony in touch, movement and sharing.

“Our private session with Quartz was fantastic. They are a patient, generous and thoughtful teacher. We've been starting to explore partial suspension and Quartz was able to speak to and guide both of our experiences as a bottom and a top. They strike a really great balance of focus on both rope technique and play, with lots of attentive, hands-on guidance." - testimonial, R&A

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